Monday, October 11

The 'burbs

Its October and you must know what that means? Its Horror movie time, yay!!!
While The 'burbs isn't so much a horror movie, it still delightfully falls into the Halloween movie watching genre, for sure. 
For the record I love Tom Hanks, especially some amazing THanks circa 1988 and 89, respectively.
This movie is great, because we have all been there. We have all had neighbors that we wished were killing people and burning them in a large furnace in their basements. Because last time I checked, you can't have someone arrested for being white trash, which bums me out big time. However, if you could, my street would be a lot more awesome and a lot less full of white trash people. And when I say white trash, I mean couches on the front lawn, babies in tree swings (that sit dangerously high off the ground, for small humans), missing teeth and the general stench of a life wasted watching WWE, white trash. 

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