Monday, March 14

where ever I am with you

if we were any cuter you would have to hate us

Living the downtown life for these past four days has been what dreams are made of
  1. I love being so close to everything that is delish in this city
  2. downsizing ones life is refreshing
  3. not having a TV... best decision ever
  4. takes less time to get to work
  5. now I don't worry so much about being alone all the time


  1. where do you guys live downtown?? we will have to get together more!!

  2. Guess what? I just saw you on Saturday, squeezed your bones, but I didn't know you had moved. My head is hung in shame, that seems a pretty important fact for me to know.

    Will bring the whole fam of nine to crash on the floor, just to break the joint in. Love you!


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