Thursday, March 17

Tell me what rocker to swallow

Dog: Man I love this trail...
Ryan: Oh, boy that was a good run, I can really feel the burn
Amanda: I am sorry what was that?  Did you say something?
Dog: I think I can lick it, if I just get this tongue out there...
Ryan: Seriously? We are still here?
Amanda: Where exactly is that? Oh I remember!
Ryan: Here we go...
Amanda: I mean did you happen impregnate that pretty brunette mid jog!
Ryan: I have told you that is probably not my kid just gotta see what the test says!
Dog: I wonder.. I just need it to be a little further to the... I just am not equipped for this
Amanda: Yeah we will wait for those results & you better hope its not yours!
Ryan: Wow its bright out here!
Amanda: Way to change the subject.
Dog: Man I love this trail...

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