Friday, March 18

Look outside the raincoats are gone

Jared: After this taxi we are going to run for it
Ashley: Um...yeah I am not running in these pants
Jared: ok...wait...what?
Ashley: Yeah they are not really made for see they are green
Jared: I do see they are green I thought was for St. Patrick's day
Ashley: Yeah they are.
Jared: Then why can't you run in them?
Ashley: Because I'm in the Twilight movies.
Jared: But...that makes no sense what so ever....
Ashley: And now I get to have sex.
Jared: What the what?
Ashley: Because I am dating you and not a Jonas.
Jared: Ok! now that makes sense. Now after this car lets run for it.
Ashley: No, I can't run in these sunglasses.

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