Wednesday, March 16

He has his fathers eyes

This airport is particularly drafty or is that just me? and I look very much like Angelia today, don't I? The all black,sunglasses and the whole with child shtick! Do I actually look pregnant, or do I look like I may have had a bowl of pasta for the first time in my life? I mean, I am hardly ever photographed when pregnant so one could suppose that I don't actually get pregnant but in reality use all that soccer money (thanks Davey baby!) to pay someone to have the babies for me. Which considering its 2011, I could just fess up to something like using a surrogate, but I think its best for my image if people think I actually squeeze a child from the this tiny posh vagina of mine. Also how contrived  wonderful that after four boys I finally get that girl! We can dress in the same outfits, in fact if that little miracle doesn't come out in Louboutin, I am sending her back! 
Ooooooooo, Taco Bell, yummers, gonna grab a quick six chalupas after all I am eating for two now bitches!

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