Tuesday, March 1

Dog Days Are Over

Once when I was young and carpooling on my way to school, I saw a dog get run over. It was a large dog and when it was hit the legs got pulled under the wheel. At the time, not having had dogs growing up, I recognized how gnarly the incident was, I recapped it to friends later on that day and may have cringed a hair when I saw the dog hobble on two broken legs to the side of the road, but generally speaking I was not affected by it. 
Had that same incident happened to today, I would be in pieces of whaling misery thrashing about the floor. I now have a love for dogs that tugs at my heart strings so violently, that merely seeing a dog out on the street makes me need to pee in nervousness, just a little. So this is and it is why on my way to work this morning that as I spied a dog running around my street, I pulled over.  He was so friendly, clean and obviously loved by whoever didn't know he was gone. There were a few neighbors out in their yards and I asked if they had any idea whose dog it was because there was a collar but no tag, but no one did. 
I couldn't leave the dog on the street, so I took him home and put him in my yard on a leash in hopes that whom ever looks for him will find him safe. 
When I finally get to work, I recount the story for the dudes here and all they could say is the following:
"What if they people get super pissed that you stole their dog?"
"What if you get a ticket for having him tied up?"
to which I said; "I like to think that when you do good things, good things happen in return and if any of those things happen there is nothing I can do about it, but I know I did it for the right reasons and that it was the right thing to do and that is all that matters."
And its true, even if this whole thing comes back to bite me in the ass, I still could not in good conscience leave that dog on the street and I would take him home again in a heart beat.

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